If it’s time to give your kitchen a full remodel or update some features, look and feel will take center stage. Today’s trends offer you a multitude of ways to transform your kitchen, but there are enough design choices on the market to confuse even the savviest re-modeler. Whether you’re into the latest style or are looking for something with staying power, this guide will help to make the process easier.

Gray with a Twist

Gray has always been a staple kitchen color. Whether it remains a relevant paint color choice for your kitchen is ultimately up to you. However, before you ditch the idea, you should know that today, gray is making a big comeback as an undertone to every color under the rainbow. Simply by mixing this hue with your favorite shade, you can create a kitchen color that is as unique as you are.

Of course, you can still choose the original gray for several surfaces in your kitchen, such as cabinets, ceiling, walls, or countertops. Doing this will provide you with a lovely neutral base for bright pops of attention-getting color elsewhere. You can also combine shades of gray for a subtle, yet decidedly modern contrast.

Function: Here, There and Everywhere

Just when you thought a kitchen couldn’t be functional enough, new trends reveal multiple ways to work. Tired of walking back and forth in the morning for coffee beans, creamer, and mugs? Your kitchen remodels can include a coffee station that solves that problem. These wonders allow you to have all the supplies you need in one compact countertop unit so that you can get your dose of morning caffeine without much work.

Speaking of function, have you heard of the work station? It revolutionizes the sink area of your kitchen with several movable pieces that can be used for preparing or serving food, ultimately maximizing counter space.

One incarnation of this idea uses an under-mount sink over which sliding panels can be placed. Underneath, microbial storage basins can serve as ice buckets, storage, or space for compost.

Micro Appliances

The tiny home movement seems to have spawned something called “micro-living,” which involves the installation of secondary kitchens with smaller appliances. Ideal for homes where adult children have returned or elderly parents are moving in, these kitchens will usually consist of more compact appliances like refrigerator drawers, combination cook top/convection oven, and tiny dishwashers.

The benefit of these appliances is that they don’t require the same amount of space as a traditional kitchen, which means they can be installed anywhere. Another advantage is that they allow for a complete usage of your home’s basement and other areas, which can mean much for family members who want to maintain their independence.

More Accessibility

Although there isn’t anything wrong with the way your kitchen cabinet doors open or how much your storage drawers hold, you may wonder how you ever lived without the accessibility that a kitchen cabinet remodels, complete with deep-pocket drawers, side-opening ovens, and similar items can provide. This incredibly popular trend makes everything more accessible, as it doesn’t require bending, reaching or standing on chairs to get to what you want.

Those side-opening ovens, installed at the same height as your counter, make moving that Thanksgiving turkey absolutely effortless; no extra bending or heavy lifting required. And those deep-pocket drawers? Imagine storing everything you need in an instantly accessible space that’s 24 inches deep and doesn’t require you to reach or pull to find what you’re looking for.

A Kitchen That Matches Your Home

No longer does your kitchen have to look like a completely different room. One trend that’s making the rounds this year is to integrate the look of your kitchen with that of the rest of your home. There are many benefits to doing this, not the least of which is that much of the design work is already done for you.

Another benefit, of course, is that you can narrow down the almost-limitless amount of choices, in terms of colors and surfaces, which will leave more time for enjoying your kitchen.

Back to the Farm

Farmhouse kitchens are yet another trend that’s really taking off in 2017. Think thick barn beams, glass tiles, and antique-look appliances. Interestingly, much of the industrial-style lighting choices can fit in very nicely with the traditional farmhouse look. Adding a sliding barn door at the entrance to the kitchen can add yet another warm and rustic touch to a small kitchen remodel.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed space where friends and family can gather, this style of kitchen has many benefits. Not only is it casual and welcoming, but a rustic farm kitchen will become even more so, over time, as it experiences the wear and tear of a busy household.

Hidden Lighting

LEDs continue to be all the rage for every room in the home, including the kitchen. LED rope lights are ideal for under-cabinet, hidden illumination. Don’t forget that “under-cabinet” can include near the floor as well as higher up. Installing lighting near the floor will make midnight kitchen trips much easier, as well as much less stressful on the eyes than turning on the main lighting.

There are many benefits to having LEDs; first of all, they’re a remodeling kitchen idea that uses next to no electricity and gives off very little heat, which means they can be on day and night. As well, LEDs don’t require you to install an expensive “smart home” automation system.

Unless, of course, you want to. The installation of LED lighting is surprisingly easy, as well; you can have professional-looking lighting installed and ready to use in your kitchen in just a few hours.

LEDs also last many times longer than other types of lighting. Because they are so affordable to purchase, you will be sure to save money when you buy replacements in several years’ time.

Eye-Catching Flooring

Although the flooring in your kitchen may not be something you’d give much thought to, there is much you can do with it. Your kitchen floor is a blank canvas which can become the focal point of the room.

Imagine a kitchen whose walls and cabinets are in white, and finish it with a tiled kitchen floor in a brightly-painted pattern. What do you have? Instant chic, and colors that you can place elsewhere in your kitchens, such as on countertops and shelves.

Designing from the ground up in this way has several benefits. You can change your sink and cabinets out using the base colors in the flooring as a constant guide, which means no guesswork. You can also change accessories in and out at will to match the seasons, as well as switch out lighting fixtures when your tastes change.

A Healthier Space

Among the costs of your kitchen remodel, you may have considered a touch-activated kitchen faucet like those you may have seen on television. While they may seem like a soon-to-be-over fad, these faucets do have many advantages over their traditional counterparts.

One of these is that you can use any part of your arm to turn on the faucet. So, if your hands are covered in dirt, juice, or any one of the other messy situations you run into while cooking, simply taps the faucet with your elbow, and the hand-cleaning can commence without having to wipe everything down afterward.

No kitchen remodel is without commitment, whether it’s a particular style, color, or another element. The most important thing when redesigning or freshening is to ensure that you love every design and color choice you make. This will make the time spent in your kitchen far more enjoyable.

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