For years, Affordable Quality Cabinetry has been Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s premier source for Koch Brand Kitchen Cabinets, some of the best and most beautiful kitchen cabinets on the market. With a wide variety of wood stains and wood species, the selection of Koch Brand Kitchen Cabinets is unmatched at Affordable Quality Cabinetry and our expert team is more than happy to assist. Please call us for more information about all of our kitchen cabinets – we look forward to serving you.

Wood Species For All Kitchen Cabinets

Koch Brand Kitchen Cabinets has an unbeatable selection of wood species, and here at Affordable Quality Cabinetry, we are confident you’ll find a species that fits your remodeling job:
-Red Oak, Rustic Red Oak, Rift Red Oak: Red Oak is very traditional with open graining. Rustic Red Oak has further variations of graining. Rift Red Oak is a special cut that is more even looking, a straight grain appearance.

-Hickory, Rustic Hickory: Unpredictable grain patterns, but beautiful reds, browns, and a calico appearance. The Rustic Hickory will have further variation of color and mineral streaks/knots. It’s an especially hard wood.

-Maple, Paint Grade Maple: Smooth, even grained hardwood, off-white and more uniform in color. Paint Grade Maple will feature narrow staves and sapwood and is intended for a paint finish vs. a wiping stain.

-Birch, Rustic Birch: Smooth even grained wood that will have a different color look with a wiping stain, a rustic look and calico appearance.

-Cherry, Rustic Cherry: White variations in grain and will darken over time. Not all cabinets will have knots. Black streaks are more common with Rustic Cherry.

-Clear Alder, Knotty Alder: Soft wood known for its straight grain – light brown and red. Dents easily, works well with medium/dark finishes. Mineral streaks and other variations are natural with Knotty Alder.

-Beech, Rustic Beech: Streaks and pin knots, and generally a light tan to reddish brown.

Coloring And Stylizing Your Kitchen Cabinets From Koch

There are many different variations of dyes, paints, and other ways to present your kitchen cabinets based on the design of your entire kitchen and the experienced staff at Affordable Quality Cabinetry can walk you through all of the options that Koch Branch Kitchen Cabinets has to offer. Dye Stains are a popular choice, and for two tone woods create a more even stain. They are richer than a wiping stain. From Brandy (light) to Java (dark) there’s a dye stain for you! Wiping Stains are sprayed over the wood and then hand wiped to create a consistent color throughout. Koch has a wide variety of wiping stains. Painting your kitchen cabinets is also an option. Rub-through and Distress options allow for a more rustic look, by giving the kitchen cabinet an aged feel. Rub-through has color sanded off the edges while leaving the natural color of the wood exposed. Distress keeps cracks, dents, and worm holes in-tact. Glazing options are also a popular choice, and the pencil glaze versus the accent glaze will each give a different appearance. The Koch Brand website has many pictures and descriptions as well for their kitchen cabinet coloring options!

Rev-A-Shelf And Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Koch Brand Kitchen Cabinets has a wide assorted of Rev-A-Shelf options, allowing you to properly organize your cabinets to maximize your space! With an unparalleled selection of organizers, cookware optimization, an under sink pullout, drawer accessories, and much more, Koch Brand Kitchen Cabinets has you covered. Here at Affordable Quality Cabinetry, we can help you with all of the options that Koch Brand offers. For care, it is essential to keep your cabinets clean, and a mild soap is usually all that’s needed because stronger cleaners with abrasive ingredients can damage the wood. It’s important to always keep your cabinets dry after cleaning so the wood is never left wet. All of the kitchen cabinet interiors have Maple grained print that is stain and scuff resistant.

For the best kitchen cabinets, contact Affordable Quality Cabinetry in Myrtle Beach!